MO-SPACE - First provider of complete QKD-payloads

MO-Space Spacecraft GmbH develops, incorporates and tests complete systems of Quantum-communication. These systems are designed to be introduced into satellite platforms and HAP´s.
MO-Space is the first company to offer complete systems for their customers.


Satellite payloads for quantum encryption

For our Society a fast and secure communication is Key.Therefore, high standards for the ciphering of data have been developed. With the ongoing development of quantum computers, typical methods for encrypting data are getting outdated and demand for new encryption technologies which are characterized by high security and performance.
Encryption methods based on quantum effects offer the highest possible security. The procedure is called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). One way to generate keys of this type is the distribution of single photon streams via satellite or optical fibers to generate keys out of these photon streams with the corresponding communication partners.Fiber-optic-bound distribution is limited in range due to excessive attenuation losses and the lack of efficient quantum repeaters. Satellites, on the other hand, can reach any part of the globe.




QuNET+MOBIXHAP mobil HAP´s for QKD-Networks

The Project

MO-SPACE Raumfahrttechnik GmbH is participating in a highly innovative collaborative project on quantum communication. The project is called MOBIXHAP and is realized within the QuNET+ initiative. The project is generously funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. MO-SPACE is leading the project as coordinator of the collaboration.









How does the ciphering method work?

Communication partners receive the photon streams emitted by satellites and store the information on the properties of the photons and the measurement method used. Each partner generates the keys on site. Therefore, information about the respective measurement method of each photon is shared. The special thing is, this information is worthless for any other possible listener. However, the communication partners can generate the identical keys at each other's sites exactly with this data exchange.
In recent years, two protocols for generating QKD keys have become established. The BB84 and the BBM92 protocol.

The performance of each QKD system is determined by the key rate achieved at the communication partners. In other words, how many keys with what complexity can be generated with the system.

  • MO-SPACE will design, assemble, and test high efficient quantum sources with a large-key-rate for the BB84 protocol.
  • MO-SPACE MO-SPACE is the first company in the world to offer satellite payloads for both encryption methods.